How to speed up the whole procedure

I would like t run the whole experiment (from the start to the end) in the as fastest way as possible. Let’s assume I would launch tmy experiment nad I would it lasts 3 sec (it is just an assumption). What would you in this case? Would you insert some component anywhere? Which code would you use?


The duration of your experiment depends simply on what you need to happen in your experiment. Why would you want your experiment to go “faster”? Maybe you could go into a bit more in detail, about what you are actually trying to achieve.

Hello,thanks for replying.

I would like to execute it since I would extract data sooner, since it takes a while, before the experiment gets concluded.

Let’s pretend I want to finish everything in three second (it is just an example). Would you suggest some code to add in sone component?


Sorry, I still don’t get it. Do you mean for testing the experiment you want to speed it up?

Your participants will take as long as they take to finish the experiment, so I don’t see how and why you would want to speed it up for them.

The timinig is finei as it is now to real experiment. The reason I would like to speed up is for doing spreadsheet analysis ‘outside’ (not official I mean) the lab context.- It’s just a trick that has not nothing to do with the procedure but would make easier and quicker to consult data.


I don’t think there is a way speed up the experiment like „fast forwarding“. What I usually do if I need to go through the experiment fast or need some example data, for example to prepare the analyses is to reduce all condition files to very few rows. What’s more, I skip all parts of the experiment that are not necessary for testing by putting a loop with 0 repetitions around them. Hope that helps you with what you are trying to do.

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Ok thanks.
If you would like, I would invite to show some short examples in a way that you have used in your experiment.

Sorry, I don’t see how I can give an example of this. It’s very straightforward: Take your xlsx files and delete all but some rows (obviously make a backup before!) and set loops with 0 repetitions around the routines you want to skip.