How to set the default "code properties" window size to fullscreen?

When I implement a code block using the builder, the size of the code properties window is too small for me. Is there any way to make this full screen automatically? I’ve looked at the preferences, but did not see it there.

Any help would be appreciated!

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Unfortunately, there does not seem to be a way to change the default size of code component windows. I, too, always found its size (and especially its height) to be far too small.

Having a systemwide shortcut for resizing/maximizing windows does help (on macOS, I use a Keyboard Maestro macro for this, which is mapped to both a keyboard shortcut and a dedicated mouse button), but even that gets pretty tedious if you are frequently opening code components.

The way I’ve solved the issue for me now (at least on my primary Mac) is to have a Keyboard Maestro macro that automatically resizes code component windows as soon as they appear:

This KM macro is in a macro group that is only available in PsychoPy and automatically resizes every window with a title that both contains “code” and ends in “Properties”.

Realizing that I could “fix” the window size of code components this way was such a tremendous quality of life boost that I wanted to share this approach. I’m only rudimentary familiar with AutoHotkey on Windows but I would think the same approach could be taken there.