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How to set a randomized waitblanking whose duration is 2.4s on average?

Hello! I would like to set a waitblanking after responding in every trial (before the next trial’s fixation)
and the phrase of the waitblanking doesn’t keep the same.
I would like to set it changing randomizedly.
And the duration is 2.4s on average.
How can I make it using Builder?

Thank you very much!

Can you define what you mean by a “waitblanking”?

What does this mean exactly?

There are many ways for something to change randomly: you need to specify the method of sampling exactly for someone to be able to suggest how to implement it (e.g. sampling from a set of fixed values, with or without replacement; or sampling from a continuous distribution (rectangular or gaussian, and if the latter, the parameters), and within what constraints, (i.e. the minimum and maximum values)).

Imagine the level of detail that would be required for the methods section of a paper.