How to extend a Pavlovia session token

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Hey everyone,

I currently have a jsPsych experiment that is a 3-block visual learning task.
Participants are asked to categorize between two types of images, and if a participant reaches a 90% accuracy criterion they progress to the next block, if they fail to reach 90% the user must repeat the block.

When I run this experiment on Pavlovia (jspsych-pavlovia-3.2.5.js) moving from one block / timeline to the next results in Pavlovia cutting off the experiment and prematurely saving the data (it also requires another session token to continue to the next block). I would like the Pavlovia session to continue through as many times/block as is required by the user.
I imagine I must either
A) pass the Pavlovia session token from one block to the next
B) pass the authorization token from one block to the next

…or something like that so Pavlovia does not terminate the session at the end of the trial. Does anyone know the way around this? Thank you!