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How to create a random LoopType with a semi random condition?


I’m using PsychoPy version 3.2.3
I’m trying to create a Go/No-Go task where a letter (M = Go) or (W = No-Go) is superimposed on a background picture conveying different contexts. I want Go and No-Go letters to be displayed in a semi-random order to avoid the consecutive presentation of two No-Go letters within each block and to have one to four Go letters (not more) that could precede No-Go letters. However, I want pictures to be presented in a random order.

My excel file is like that :
Pictures Quality Letter Go CorrAns
Pathway Alcohol M 1 Space
Pathway Neutral W 0 None
Pathway Emotion M 1 Space
Pathway Alcohol W 0 None

I would appreciate your help wery much,
Thanks !

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