How to contact another member to request use of their stimuli in Pavlovia?

Description of the problem:

Hi All, I’ve seen a pilot study of a mental rotation task on Pavlovia using Shepard Metzler style stimuli and I was wondering if the author of the program would be amenable to sharing the stimuli with me for a program that I want to run. Is there a way to contact them as I couldn’t find it in the git repository? Am I missing something obvious? I can see the stimuli as gifs but obviously I want to check permission or the original source.

Hi There,

If you click ‘View code <>’ on the task, that should allow you to fork the repository (including stimuli) - is that what you are needing?


Hi Becca,

I can actually access the stimuli gifs and download them. What I was hoping to do was ask the permission of the programmer to check it was ok to use the stimuli in another task. I guess if they’ve shared them publicly then I can assume there is no restriction on using them for an UG project for one of my students? I’m just not sure who they would reference them to.

Hey @TheSav, you can raise an issue with them via GitLab and they should get notified about it next time they log in, x

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This is also a good point. I would assume if stimuli are public it is OK to use them. But generally I recommend users add a citation where applicable to the “description” of their project so that future users would know if/how to cite (which as you say would be best practice) raising an issue as sotiri says sound a good way to try to contact them :blush:

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