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How to calculate the global score of a scale created with a form component?

Hello everyone!

I try to calculate automatically the global score of a Likert scale that I have created with a form component (5-point Likert scale containing 4 questions). To calculate the global score, I need to associate each response with a question-score and I need to know the number of times the subject has chosen each answer.

What I have tried :
In a Code Component, I associate each response of the scale with its value (question-score). I try to count the number of times the subject chooses each answer by creating a counter for each response ( response_count = 0) and incrementing counters each time the subject clicks on one of the answers (each frame : response_count = response_count +1 ).

The problem :
Psychopy sends me this error message: ZeroDivisionError: float division by zero This error comes from a problem with the incrementation of my counters : the counters remain at zero, so when I calculate the global score, the denominator is always zero…

The code :

#Begin Routine
from psychopy import event
mouse = event.Mouse()

#I create an empty string for each response
Tj_D = ''
Gn_D = ''
At_DG = ''
Gn_G = ''
Tj_G = ''

# I fill out each string with the title of the answer
# I associate each response with its value
Tj_D.join('Toujours la droite')
Tj_D = 2.0
Gn_D.join('Généralement la droite')
Gn_D = 1.0
At_DG.join('Autant la droite que la gauche')
At_DG = 1.0
Gn_G.join('Généralement la gauche')
Gn_G = 1.0
Tj_G.join('Toujours la gauche')
Tj_G = 2.0

# I create a counter for each response
tjD_count = 0
gnD_count = 0
atDG_count = 0
gnG_count = 0
tjG_count = 0

# Each Frame
#when the subject choses a response, I increment / update the corresponding counter
#test_edimbourgh = name of the form Component (.items = field where the Excel file is indicated in the form component parameters)
if(mouse.getPressed('Toujours la droite') in test_edimbourgh.items):
    tjD_count = tjD_count +1
elif(mouse.getPressed('Généralement la droite') in test_edimbourgh.items):
    gnD_count = gnD_count +1
elif(mouse.getPressed('Autant la droite que la gauche') in test_edimbourgh.items):
    atDG_count = atDG_count +1
elif(mouse.getPressed('Généralement la gauche') in test_edimbourgh.items):
    gnG_count = gnG_count +1
elif(mouse.getPressed('Toujours la gauche') in test_edimbourgh.items):
    tjG_count = tjG_count +1

#End Routine:
#I convert each response into its value

#I log data to check the incrementation and asoociation response-value
thisExp.addData('Toujours D', Tj_D)
thisExp.addData('Généralement D', Gn_D)
thisExp.addData('Autant DG', At_DG)
thisExp.addData('Généralement G', Gn_G)
thisExp.addData('Toujours G', Tj_G)
thisExp.addData('Tj D count', tjD_count)
thisExp.addData('Gn D count', gnD_count)
thisExp.addData('Au DG count', atDG_count)
thisExp.addData('Gn G count', gnG_count)
thisExp.addData('Tj G count', tjG_count)

#I calculate the global score and log it
glob_score = (((tjD_count * Tj_D) + (gnD_count * Gn_D) + (atDG_count * At_DG)) - ((tjG_count * Tj_G) + (gnG_count * Gn_G) + (atDG_count * At_DG)) * 100) / (((tjD_count * Tj_D) + (gnD_count * Gn_D) + (atDG_count * At_DG)) + ((tjG_count * Tj_G) + (gnG_count * Gn_G) + (atDG_count * At_DG)))
thisExp.addData('edim_score', glob_score)

I have tried A LOT of different codes, but nothing worked… Does anyone have a suggestion? Maybe in the way I try to increment the counters?
Thank you very much for your help!