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How do I draw shapes along the perimeter of a circle

It should look like the Attentional capture task and the Visual short-term memory task in the following paper.

You would use high-school trigonometry - we can’t say more without further details (and providing a link to a paper for someone else to read through, rather than providing a self-sufficient description, isn’t really making it likely to get much more of a response).

I’m sorry but the paper is linked to show the image of what is desired. This is how it is supposed to look.
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Something like this, to draw stimuli along the perimeter of a circle of radius 200 pixels:

from psychopy import visual, event, core
from numpy import sin, cos, deg2rad
from numpy.random import random

# create your window and stimuli:
# etc

number_of_stimuli = 9
radius = 200 # assuming window has coordinates in pixels

# draw the peripheral stimuli:
for i in range(number_of_stimuli):
    angle = deg2rad(i/number_of_stimuli * 360)

    x_position = cos(angle) * radius
    y_position = sin(angle) * radius

    your_stimulus.pos = [x_position, y_position]

    # control this as required:
    your_stimulus.ori = random() * 360


# fixation is at a constant location and orientation:

# show them: