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Hide mouse cursor in online experiment

Hi everyone. Is it possible to hide mouse cursor in online experiment using psychopy3.

Hello - I have the same question - did you ever find out whether this was possible or how to do it? It looks like we can’t set the position of the mouse, but it would be ideal if I can hide the mouse until the participant is required to respond!


Hi, @jretz, I did not find the solution to hide the mouse cursor using the online experiment. The code win.mouseVisible = False dose not work.

Hi YuanboBQ
This code might work:
your_mouse = event.Mouse(visible = False)
If you call “event.Mouse()” to make your mouse, note that it has a “visible” arg, whose defult is True, so set it False if you would like to hide the mouse cursor.

Hi all,

for me, the solution by @xiao_ling did not work, but in a related post I found the solution. Since I online found this conversation and only much later the one with the solution (at least for me), I share it here:

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The javascript worked for me! Thanks

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