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Heads up Linux users, bug from PIL repo, wait for fix

Just a heads up to those linux users whose systems use ubuntu repositories.

A bug was introduced in a recent update for the package python-pil , which is Pillow, the fork of PIL (package for dealing with images). This made it so I couldn’t start the builder, since it barfs when loading PNG icons.

So if you see an update for “python-imaging” or “python-pil”, don’t install it just yet. There is a bug report and they are apparently working on it. If you’ve already updated and are experiencing this problem, the bug report includes a patch which I just applied, and it works. Let us know if you have no idea what any of this means.

The error by the way is IOError: “Cannot identify image file”.

Here is the link to the bug report:

If you’re experiencing this bug, please go there and click the “this bug affects me button”, just to drive the point home. But I suspect it will be fixed soon. I’ll post back when it is.


They say a fix has been released, you want version:

python-imaging 2.3.0-1ubuntu3.3

(3.2 was the bad version) I don’t know how long it takes to trickle through the package managers, but I just updated and it was available for me.