Has there been an update to the way JS handles redrawing the screen?

Hi @sotiri, now it is working on any script. Thanks!

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Hi @sotiri, it seems like I spoke too early. Indeed your fix worked for some of the scripts. However, my main task is still broken. I’ve created a minimal script and an online experiment using your ‘custom-lib’ directory. Locally it works as intended (click on the red square reveals the counter under it). However, trying to run it online I get error message that to me seems to be related to the custom libraries. Here attaching two screenshots that maybe help:

minimal_counter.psyexp (14.5 KB)

Hi @sotiri. Any chance you could look at the JS errors I posted yesterday? I understand you are quite busy, so I’m sorry if I’m being inpatient and you were planning to answer at a later point anyway.

Dear @ivobivo, not a bug, the problem is you are trying to access startTime2.getTime() ahead of giving it a value? :blush:

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@sotiri OK thanks so much. Problem is on my end then.

I am having a related problem with my study that Im hoping you may be able to help with.
Everything was working ok a week or so ago, but today I suddenly encountered a problem where one of my stimuli is being drawn over the top of everything.

It is a dynamic search study so I have a picture stimuli (an occluder) with a small circular mask that lets participants search through the occluder as they move their mouse around. Until now I have managed to get some of my other stimuli to be drawn over the top of this occluder (i.e. instructions, clickable buttons). But now this occluder is being drawn over the top of everything in the routine!

Any advice on how to get around this would be great


Hi @EJJ, could you share your repository with me so I can take a look? Thanks, s.

Yes sure, this is the project:

Hi @EJJ, as it happens certain performance improvements recently brought into PsychoJS have inadvertently led to issues in cases where visual stimuli attributes, such as position or opacity, remain constant, but are set in Builder to update on each frame. Please accept our apologies for the mishap.

One simple solution here would be calling psychoJS.window._fullRefresh() just before exiting the loops affected. I have created separate code components to that end for the WarmUp and Test routines. Is the support team fork working as expected? The fix is part of the .psyexp. Here to help, thanks, s.

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sorry for the slow reply, but yes this is great and has fixed my problem!
Thank you :slight_smile:

No problem, good to hear, happy coding :sunny:

I am having also a problem in the last days. I run an experiment on pavlovia about three months ago. When I now run my experiment, it randomly freezes at the end of a moviestim routine. The experiment runs smoothly during sampling and was not updated during this time.
On the contrary, when I run the same experiment in local it runs smoothly.
What could have caused this problem? Were there any updates to the pavlovia platform that may have caused this problem?

Hi @NunzioL, could you send me a link to your repo? Thanks, s.