Glow slider online

URL of experiment:

Psychopy v2020.2.4

Hello, I am trying to pilot a “slider” using the rating scale component in psychopy with the glow marker and marker expansion option. It works perfectly fine locally but the ratingScale component just doesn’t appear online at all. It is now my understanding that this component has been removed in favor of the slider component for online studies. However, I’m having trouble translating the customization options in my rating scale to the slider component.

This is what the ratingScale looks like locally:

I’d really like to be able to keep the expansion functionality, as well as the glow- though that is less important.

Here is what I have included in the customization pane:

win=win, size=1.0, stretch=2.0, low= 1, high= 10, showValue=False, tickMarks=None, 
lineColor='grey', showAccept=False, precision=100, scale=None, marker='glow', 
markerColor = 'red', markerStart=5.5, markerExpansion=10, singleClick=True, disappear=False, textSize=1.0, textColor='grey'

I tried fiddling around with adding a slider component and using the adjusting some of the options in a code component, however it seems that there is nothing like the expansion option or the glow marker under slider styles.

Any advice on how to translate to the slider component for online functionality is much appreciated :pray:t4: