Global experiment data in Pavlovia

I am developing a study on Pavlovia and I need to be able to access a “global” set of data when running the trials.

I have 50 sets of different recording (5 recordings per set) and I want to randomly select one set from the 50 to be played during the experiment. The catch is, I only want each set to be randomly selected a maximum of 5 times through my entire experiment.

So, Subject A may end up listening to Set A, therefore, I need to track that Set A has been listened to once. Then, if Subject B does the study and they are assigned Set A to listen to, I set Set A’s listen count to 2. Once Subject Z is performing the study, if they are assigned Set A, I first check if that set’s listen count is less than 5, if not, then randomly select a different set.

Is there any way in Pavlovia to have this sort of global data stored on the server and be able to read/write to it while the experiment runs?

I haven’t found a way to do this on Pavlovia so I use Qualtrics to assign to conditions and I’ve written a web app for consecutive participant numbering for other people to use.