Getting observer input without storing

URL of experiment:

Description of the problem: Dear all, for my next online experiments on Pavlovia I need to get an input, i.e. a code, from observers, which is used in the experiment but not saved in the CSV files, this to avoid making the observer identifiable and thus creating personal data that I would not be allowed to store online.

Now, for this purpose I thought it would be very handy to use the experiment settings dialog box, since it allows typing in before the experiment goes full-screen.

However, I do not have the impression I am able to remove or overwrite the content of the columns that get created accordingly.

For example if I form the dialog box like this:

<Param name="Experiment info" updates="None" val="{'yourcode': ''}" valType="code"/>

And in the experiment I try to change the value of yourcode, such as if I put a line like this:


in a “begin experiment” code tab, I still get the original value for the code in the csv file.

I also tried to use

psychoJS.experiment.addData(‘yourcode’, ‘nothing’)

to no effect.

Are the data from the dialog box somehow write protected in the experiment?

If the dialog box data cannot be changed or deleted, would there be another solution to get the observer to input a numeric code within an experiment (without storing it in the output)?

Thank you in advance!