Free Classification Online


I’m wondering if anyone has successfully used psychopy/pavlovia for free classification tasks? In these tasks participants are presented with a range of visual or auditory stimuli and are instructed to click and drag each item to form groups based on similarity. The clusterings and distances between them can be submitted to statistical analyses. I am wondering if such functionality would be possible with psychopy for online experiments, or if I may need to consider another service, or having a custom web-based application written.

Thank you for any information you have.

Yes, it would certainly be possible. Start by searching this forum for “click and drag” and you will find many examples of what to do. Those posts will probably mostly give Python code examples, but the principles will be the same when using custom JavaScript to run online. Basically you just make the position of a clicked stimulus match the current mouse position to get stimuli moving. Whatever else you need depends on the constraints of your task.