Faces paradigm and Current Design button system

I need to program a paradigm that show faces (on) and triangles (off). The patient must press a button using a “Current Designs” button system. We want to show the faces only during 15 seconds, also 15 seconds the triangles (independent of pressing the button). Any example code?

Another questions about “image properties” element:
In the “Basic” tab appears “Expected start” and “Expected duration”. What does it mean? Any documentation?
What does it mean “set every frame” at the right side in “image” element?


Gonzalo Rojas Costa

Hi @Gonzalo_Rojas_Costa, it sounds like you should start with a simple tutorial that you find in the PsychoPy documentation. All your questions, except for the implementation of the Current Designs system, should be answered by programming a first little example. Good luck!