Extra Data Files Being Generated for SART Random Task


I am using the SART Random task for a research study and am having troubles with the data output files. We have used this task for other studies, and the data output has always been three files: a CSV file, a text file, and a PYSDAT file, that all get input into a designated “data” folder for the task.
For the SART random task for our current study, we have the same system set up with the data output going into a designated “data” folder. Instead of only exporting the expected three files into it, the task generates a whole new folder for a session within the data folder. This new folder that is created contains the normal 3 files that we would expect (CSV, text, & PSYDAT), but also contains a bunch of extra excel files for each of the different blocks of the task. Does anyone have any advice for how to get rid of these extra excel files in the data output & only have the CSV, text, & PSYDAT files produced? We use Windows operating system and PsychoPy version 2021.1.4.

Thank you!


there is actually no need to specify a designated data folder. PsychoPy stores data in a folder called data that is within the experiment folder. Its path is specified in Experiment properties → Data filename.


I assume that you edited the Data filename.

Best wishes Jens

Thank you so much! The image that you provided was really helpful & solved my issue!