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Expand/Collapse functions (+,-)


I seem to have lost the ability to expand (and collapse) my functions, there used to be a ‘+’ to do this. How do I get this back? I have no idea where it’s gone. There is simply no + symbol now.


True! I hadn’t noticed! Something must have changed in wxPython. Not sure yet what that will be but it might be a default changing from allFolding=True. I’ll try to get it back

Ah! Good to know it wasn’t just mine :slight_smile: Good luck with getting it back!

This is fixed in the repository. We not explicitly set the “lexer” (which handles code highlighting) and apparently that overrules the setting of the folding option. We have to set folding option to be on again after choosing the lexer. If you want to change it yourself the relevant file/code to change is shown here:

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Thanks Jon. I can’t seem to find the file ‘’ or the foder ‘psychopy/app/coder/’. Is it supposed to be in the installation folder?


Yes, it should definitely be there. Maybe you’ve got the wrong folder