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Error with presenting images

Hi all,
some images doesn/t show up. it has 2 secs of running time, but anyhow the experiment pauses for 2 seconds. this caused no error before I edited some components which seems to have no relevance. it has a structure like this

and the problem is “clearing” and “pause” routine. repTri is set to repeat 10000 times and ends when some keys are pressed.

if key_resp_4.status == STARTED:
    theseKeys = event.getKeys(keyList=['z', 'slash', 'space'])
    # check for quit:
    if "escape" in theseKeys:
        endExpNow = True
    if len(theseKeys) > 0:  # at least one key was pressed
        key_resp_4.keys = theseKeys[-1]  # just the last key pressed
        key_resp_4.rt = key_resp_4.clock.getTime()
        # a response ends the routine
        continueRoutine = False
            if "z" in theseKeys:

clearing/pause routine doesn’t have any other components except an image. There is nothing complex in this, so I am confused at why it is not working. Is there any problem in this?

I don’t think the code you posted could be of any help. Perhaps you can attach your .psyexp in your question.