Error: unknown resources (tried all known solutions)

Hi everyone !

My study is online and I now encounter this problem:

By the way, I don’t have any image called default.png, it is just what comes to default in PsychoPy I guess when waiting for the loop to go through the Excel file and get the image in the column $prime.

All my resources were downloaded before and they all appear on my GitHub.

I saw that there were similar issues in other posts, tried everything and it still does not work.

  1. In the Experiment Settings, I went to the “Online” tab and added all my resources in “Additional resources”.
  2. All my resources are separated by “/” and not “\”.
  3. In there I did not put any HTML (I left the output path blank)
  4. All my images are defined as for instance “resources/006_happy.png” in the Excel sheet, and are all in the “.png” format so there should not be any problem here either!

Do you have any idea how can I fix that?

Thank you so much!

Best wishes,


I think this thread more or less has it:

Solutions seem to be either upload a little image called default.png (which will never actually be displayed) or downgrade to an older version of PsychoPy and modify then re-upload the experiment (which will re-generate the relevant code and omit this little quirk that was introduced in 2023.1).

I’ll try this, thank you !

I need to have the last version because I also have some videos, so I hope it I’ll work like that !