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Error message at end of pilot in pavlovia

Below is an error message i got when running the pilot of my experiment in pavlovia, i was trying to use the database function and not the CSV function but it seems that the database function isn’t available when in pilot is this what the message means?

Thank you in advance.

@Stuart_Furnell, another way to view your data is to run your experiment in local debug mode in a browser, via the new Runner window. When you finish your experiment, you should see a copy of your data downloaded.

it is ok when running as CSV output, however i still can’t extract the logs. So i changed the setting to database and got the error message, does this mean database is not usable in pilot mode? Just wanted to see what the output looked like when using database as part of my testing before i put it ‘live’…

Set it to CSV.

From my experience, database storage does not work when piloting, and rightly so. Otherwise, you could disseminate your study URL and collect responses “for free” in piloting mode. You could always buy one credit (20c!) and try out the database output for yourself if you really wanted to see what it looks like.

Thats great, thank you. I did think that could be the issue, i just wanted to clarify first. It makes perfect sense. Thank you. I was just concerned as the csv downloads locally and didn’t want that to happen when participants were running the experiment on their machines.

Thank you for your help.