Error in result excel file when putting participant ID wrong

Hi, I’m a student studying clinical psychology.
I recently run a stroop task using psychopy builder for experiment.
But I had a problem in result file(excel), specifically i didn’t even get that.

I’m guessing it’s because I put alphabet+number something like this (nonnar20201026) as participant number(ID).
so I only got a file which is nondetectable(nonopenable) as name like nonnar20201026.

Is there a way that i can get an excel result file with this file?


You should still get an output file even with a string+number input in the participant field.

Can you double check the directory where the stroop.psyexp file you are running is saved, there should be a folder called ‘data’ where you .csv outputs are saved. is it possible you are running a version stored in a different location to what you expect?