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Error in Anaconda installation instructions (dec 2019)

I tried to follow the installation instructions here, but needed to make to changes to get it working.

It seems that instead of conda activate psypy3 it should simply be activate psypy3.
In the conda install line requests[security] should be replaced with only requests.

Are this just typos in the instructions?

The original post was made on October 30, yet the title suggests this issue has persisted (title of post was presumably edited to include ‘(dec 2019)’)? I recently followed the instructions available at the link you provide and did not encounter any issues while installing PsychoPy via Conda. Have the instructions been modified since your original post? I cannot reconcile your statement with contents of the conda install instructions that are currently provided at the link you’ve indicated.

We did update the instructions recently, so I suppose your assumption is correct.