Enabling Typed Responses to Questions AND 'return' Key to End Routine

On a Mac using PsychoPy2 Version 1.86.5, how to I allow typed sentences or paragraphs as responses to questions AND have the ‘return’ key be the allowed key for “end routine” from the Builder?

I have this in my Self-Paced Reading demo

I have a keyboard response looking for return above the textbox

That’s a fairly old version, :textbox: Textbox components have been improved a lot since then, including having fewer conflicts with :keyboard: Keyboard components. In the latest version, you should be able to just add a Keyboard component with only 'return' in its allowed keys field and it won’t impede upon the textbox getting typed responses.

If you don’t want to listen for 'return' until a certain point, you can control this by setting the start time of your Keyboard component to be a condition (e.g. "sought phrase" in textbox.text)

Sorry, I hadn’t noticed that you were referring to a pre 2020 version of PsychoPy. The code in my Brookes Template 2020 (age routine) or Free Recall demo for a free text response might work.