Elements from Psychopy package didn't get installed

I am facing a problem to install 3 elements from Psychopy package which are visual, core, and events

Can some one help please

Shouldn’t you just do a

pip install psychopy

the visual, core and events libraries are submodules in psychopy so they do not need to be installed separately as far as I know?

Thanks for you reply, but I did write this command in cmd but still I get some errors

I don’t know why :sob:

Make sure that you open the console window with ‘Run as Administrator’, as that can give some issues on Windows.

What other tools did you install (e.g., which version of Python/Python distribution)?

If it is possible to start from scratch you can always delete everything that you’ve installed relating to Python. Then, install the Anaconda Python distribution. This will install among other things the Anaconda Command prompt in which you can execute the ‘pip install psychopy’ command. This is the approach we use in our lab for people who want to program directly using the psychopy module.