Dropping trials without associated audio files

Hello all,

I’m building an “experiment” that allows my research assistants to sort audio recordings in one of three categories. The audio recording actually come from the actual experiment I’m conducting with subjects where they are presented a nonword(target) on the screen and have to pronounce it in a microphone: the recordings that are being sorted by the RAs are those pronunciations. I have most of this rating “experiment” sorted and working properly, but sometimes it crashes if I don’t have an audio recoding associated with one of the targets in the excel sheet that I out in the builder. I’ve set it so that the path to the audio file is the target + “.wav”, and this works most of the time because the list of targets in the spreadsheet and those presented to participants are always the same. However, sometimes there’s a bug where one or a few of the targets don’t get a recording for a participant, and so it crashes when it gets to that/these trials. I’m wondering if there’s a way I could make it drop/skip the trials when it can’t find a recording for the target, instead of it just crashing the whole thing. Thanks in advance!