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Hello Community,

After a lot of work done on a project with the help of dear community members.

I share the project we created to generate images of points according to a pre-set amount.

The goals of the project were:

  1. Create images of a large circle with small dots that do not overlap.
    2 Create lists containing the location and size of Dots in order to generate points in real time according to a set quantity.

Of course there is a lot to improve, but this Project file has helped me a lot, and I hope you can help others as well.

creation of lists and photos.psyexp (52.8 KB)

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This looks great - thanks for sharing. I would really also recommend sharing on too as you can add a README file with a citation too so that your work is credited. There will aso then be a single project location where others can cite, add stars and fork your project :slight_smile: