Does code in Begin/End Routine Tabs correspond to the actual start/end of a routine?

As the title says, I wanted to ask whether and how much time elapses between code that runs at the begin/end routine tabs and the actual start/end of a routine as the subject experiences it. Just an estimation would work in my case. I am trying to put event markers for an eye-tracking experiment and I would like to ensure that my event epochs more or less correspond to what participants view on the screen.


Hello Phoenix,

if you choose to save your data in *csv instead of *xlsx PsychoPy reports quite a lot. You can control the output by choosing the logging level needed. Experiment settings — PsychoPy v2020.2

If you want to write event markers to your eye-tracking file you need to send your code via a serial or parallel port to the eye-tracking computer. There were a couple of posts in the forum concerning this.

Best wishes Jens