Display++ screen touchscreen timestamps


I’m setting up a Display++ screen and the demo functions for Bits# have been a great help.

We have the touchscreen version of the Display++, and I’m able to use the BitsSharp.sendmessage and BitsSharp.getResponse via the CDC commands to turn this function on and capture the touch output respectively. However, the touch outputs that come from the hardware come with a timestamp that currently is locked to monitor on time unless reset by “a T-lock code”. Resetting this timer in line with the screen.flip command for stimuli onset would be great.

I see the Bits++ demo FAQ notes (http://www.psychopy.org/faqs/bits.html) make reference to sending this code across but I’m struggling to find any documentation in that demo or elsewhere on how to edit the code to include the t-lock to reset the timer or how its actually sent across.

Does anyone have any experience setting up this hardware with psychopy? Is this how you’ve gone about capturing the touch responses or is there a better way?

Kind Regards,