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Display blank screen every x frames

Hi! I was wondering how to display a blank screen every few frames (60 for example)? Specifically, I have a loop that is displaying two images fading into each other, and I would like to introduce blips of a blank screen every few frames to mask the other two images and make the fading less obvious.


Easiest way is probably to have a Polygon component, whose:

  • shape square
  • size is (1, 1)
  • units is norm
  • fill color is $win.color (and is set to update each repeat)

then you can control its timing just like any other component to present according to frames, or have it continually present but set its opacity to change each frame and be 1 every 60th frame

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Thanks! I am still having some trouble trying to get the Polygon to display more than once per loop. Do you have any tips for this?