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Delaying the onset of a trigger in routine

**OS: Win7:
**PsychoPy version:1.85.4
**Standard Standalone?: Yes

This is probably a fairly straight forward question, but my lack of coding knowledge isn’t really helping here. I have set up a trigger system using pyserial code to send triggers to an fNIRS system. At the moment the code for it is in the Begin Routine tab, and the trigger is sent at the start of every trial. However, I want to delay when the trigger is sent by 2 seconds, so that it misses out the fixation period. Is there any simple code to do this? I realize that I can always just put the fixation in a routine of its own, but I was hoping to keep the flow nice and tidy.

This is what is in the Begin Routine tab at the moment.


Any help is much appreciated!


Nevermind, putting the fixation in the routine of its own works fine! Sorry!

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