Data not recording from tablet or smart phone

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I have had 3 test runs of my study - on a laptop, tablet and iphone. Only the data from the laptop saved. This may have something to do with the way the study was exited? (Escape vs. closing tab). Can anyone provide any assistance for me to be able to record data from tablets and smart phones? Thank you so much.

Hi Ocampbell,

I’m afraid I don’t have any pointers for the iPhone/tablet issue, but I do have a general suggestion. Having participants end the study by completing it up to the end (where they see the message “Thank you for your patience.” generally is a more reliable way of ensuring the data is stored.

Best, Thomas

Hello @ocampbell,

Could you share the url of the experiment with us? It looks like you wanted to do so but certainly I cannot see it.

Hi apitot,

Thank you for your reply. I did not intend on sharing the URL as I only have a limited number of credits. Of course, if you need to view the study in order to help me I will share it.

Do you have any suggestions on how to make the data save on a tablet or smart phone when participants don’t have the option of pressing an Esc key?

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Hi Thomas,

Thank you for your reply. At the end of my study I put a debriefing statement on the screen. Is that what you mean, or is there another way in psychopy to indicate the study has ended?

I know for sure that in the pilot runs on the tablet and iPhone that the study was completed, but still the data did not record

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From a PsychoJS perspective, your study didn’t end at the debriefing screen. It assumes a study ends after the last routine has completed. In your case, this would mean: end the debriefing, for instance, by a response.

PsychoJS occassionaly tries to save your data during the experiment, but it doesn’t try too hard, since this could interfere with the experiment itself. Once the last routine (the debriefing) has ended, it will try to save your data correctly.

  • While it is saving your data, PsychoJS shows a yellow dialog box (saying “Closing the session. Please wait a few moments”)

  • Once it is done, a green dialog box appears with the message “Thank you for your patience.”

Thomas thank you SO much! You’ve resolved the issue and made me one very happy PhD student!!!

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