Data not downloading properly

URL of experiment: MW The Final Version [PsychoPy]

Description of the problem:
The format is in database mode and the “save incomplete results” is ticket.
The webpage says I have 10 completed experiments, 10 aborted experiments and 7 reserved credits.

When I press download results I get a zip file, which extracts into two folders: “data” and “db”. Data folder is a total mess, I have 15 excel sheets, 5 of which are blank, 5 of which are missing some data it seems and are labelled by a date in January (which is before the study was even online) and 5 complete normal excel sheets. Then there are zips for each of the 5 complete ones, and a text and psydat file for each of the incompletes. The “db” folder has one excel entitled “all participants” which appears to just be the 5 complete ones (and a total mess since individual participants have many rows and columns).

Furthermore, I have had participants tell me that they completed the experiment and wanted to make sure the data registered. One gave me their ID number they (4195) which is missing from the all participants file and all other files. I assume this participant is one of the 7 reserved credits or 10 aborted, or both.

Can somebody please guide me? Thank you.