Data missing from middle of task (likely due to Chrome notification appearing)

Hey everyone,

While piloting one of my tasks online today a Chrome notification appeared and the cursor became visible despite the fact that there’s code at the beginning of each routine in my task to hide it. The task continued to run fine so I didn’t close the notification until the break screen that is presented halfway through the task. However, the data file is missing all key presses and response times that occurred while the notification was displayed on screen. All key presses and response times from after the break screen has saved correctly, so it appears that no key presses were registered until the notification was closed.

Is there any way to stop notifications from appearing in the experiment window? If this is not possible, would manually saving key presses and RTs using psychoJS.experiment.addData ensure that this data is not lost if participants were to receive notifications while completing the task?

Any suggestions would be extremely helpful!