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Data analysis of correct/wrong answers


Hi there! I am running a self-paced reading tasks using psychopy 3 on Mac. Today when I piloted the study, it went well. Only a minor thing. When I analysed the data in the file with CVS extension, I noticed the cells for sentences with no YES/NO comprehension questions were also filled with the value 1, indicating a right answer (please see the pic attached: in the column: qresp.corr
How can I make sure these cells display something like “none”, instead of “1” or “0”, indicating right or wrong answers? Thanking you in anticipation.

If this template helps then use it. If not then just delete and start from scratch.

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We can’t see from your screenshot what the correct answer column contains (in Excel, you can hide columns, so they still exist but allow you to show columns as neighbouring even though they are widely separated). i.e. if that column contained a 'None' value for that trial, then no response would indeed be recorded as a correct response.

But it isn’t really clear what you are asking for. Are you saying that the correct answer was something other than 'None', yet the response was still recorded as correct? We really need some more details of how your keyboard component is set up, and what you want to be happening for every combination of responses and correct answers.

Also, this might be useful: