Customize based on participant selection

Hi all! Hoping for some help with an experiment that I am designing. Basically, participants will be prompted to choose one of two specific stimuli (i.e., a teddy bear with a bow or with a hat) by pressing either “b” or “h”. That stimuli needs to then follow the participant through the rest of the experiment. For example, if a participant selects the teddy bear with a bow at this stage, then only the teddy bear with the bow stimuli (images) will be shown. I basically need to find a way to funnel participants to a specific path based on their selection at this point.

Thanks so much!!!


have two loops following each other, one for responses bow, the other for responses hat. On the basis of the participant’s response you to set the number of loop-repetitions to either 0 or 1. So, when the teddy bear with the bow is selected, set to number of teddy bear with a hat loop repetitions to 0 and vice versa.

Alternatively, you could check at the beginning of bow-routine what answer was given, and set

continueRoutine = False
currentLoop.finished = True

if hat had been chosen.

Best wishes Jens