CSV file is not in the experiment path

Hello, I have been trying forever to upload an experiment to Pavlovia. When I run the experiment it does not open in Pavlovia it says “403 error” , “Initializing experiment…” (stays like that and never changed. Now I have noticed that in the experiment runner there is a Warning sign saying **"3494.5880 WARNING …\Zaida’s Color Word\Color Word.csv is not in the experiment path and so will not be copied to Pavlovia "
I have tried for weeks to look at tutorials. I even bought a new computer but no luck. I have tried to remake the conditions in excel for the “Stroop Color and Word Test Conditions”. I have made each file in seperate folder, make sure I delete all the data and restart… someone help!!!

Dear Zalopez

well, the program will probably not run on-line unless Color Word.csv, which you are apparently using in your experiment, can be found in the experiment path. Where is it stored? How and where do you refer to it? If it is a condition-file used by PsychoPy, it best stored in the same directory the *.psyexp-file.

BTW, it not a good idea to use spaces, apostrophes aso. in file or folder names. While they may work on one’s own computer, they might not work on other computers (aka operating systems).

Best Jens