Could't find image

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i want to make a program for a specific purpose that subjects can rank attractiveness by the mouse, but there’s an error to tell me ‘could’t find image ’ .’’ , then i find codes in python(as picture shows), i can’t tell if the error is caused by it.

Why are you looking for an image called . ? That’s not a legal filename.

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error-reporting program says could’t find the pictures, as second picture shows. so i guess may there’s something wrong.

setImage is looking for a path to an image file, something like ‘/usr/Pictures/image.png’

Right now you’re telling it to look for something named ‘.’, which doesn’t exist. It’s not a valid file-path. That’s why it’s telling you it can’t find it.

So in the first picture, replace the ‘.’ in the last line of code with a path to an image file.

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