Correct answers not storing correctly


My experiment requires 32 key inputs (of either left or right) to be put in, so I connected an excel file with the 32 correct key inputs under the parameter “corrAns.”

However, when I look at the data of after the experiment is run, the resulting excel file shows “corrAns” as only one of the key inputs (left). I checked the code if anything is defined incorrectly, but everything looks fine.

I think what is interesting to note is that the key input that “corrAns” is stuck as (left) is the first correct key input, so I’m thinking it’s that but not entirely sure.

The resulting excel file showing data from the trial…notice that “corrAns” is all left

How the excel file containing the parameter is connected

The excel file containing the correct answers that “corrAns” should show

You have selected rows 0 which means that only the top row (left) is being used.

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Thanks for answering! How exactly would I type in all the rows to use? I put in “0:31”, but now the routine runs longer than it is supposed to (it goes over 32 turns possible).

0:31 means use the first 31 rows.

What rows do you want to be used?

If you want all rows to be used, leave selected rows blank.

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