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Correct Answer Not Defined

An error occurs whenever I am trying to check for a correct answer input and the screen says that it is inaccessible. There are also some visual pieces missing. However, the program runs perfectly fine on my computer and I only have a problem with the pilot upload on pavlovia

Any and all help is greatly appreciated!

You should always give more information about the task and provide the link for your experiment.

Apologies! here is the github:

The experiment works until the trials and the storing of responses begin. Specifically, it seems to have trouble accessing the code that checks to see if the participant is grouping the stimulus into the correct category.

The program runs fine on my laptop; I only encounter problems when I upload it onto

I’ve asked my professor what I should do to fix this issue, and he suggested that I change the files I had (which were saved as .xlsx) to .csv. However, this didn’t change anything.

You need to set the experiment to public so that we can see the files, go to gitlab settings, permissions, set to public.

updated! thank you for being so patient with me