Consecutive nested loops online not working

On a previous post I reported problems generating an HTML paradigm with a nested loop:

Through trial and error I’ve now been able to construct HTML paradigms with nested loops.

However, what I can’t do is create two consecutive loops within a larger loop and still have it compile to HTML.

I’ve created a minimal example which I’ll attach here.

Is there any way to access a debugger or error report when Psychopy fails to compile to HTML?

looptesterNestedLoops5.psyexp does not compile because it has two nested loops within the bigger loop.

looptesterNestedLoops4.psyexp does compile because it only has one loop within the bigger loop.looptesterNestedLoops4.psyexp (10.8 KB)
looptesterNestedLoops5.psyexp (12.7 KB)

We’re not really supporting this version while we rewrite the new iteration of the psychojs library (currently under way)

That’s a browser thing. In chrome, yes, you can go to developer tools to access a very good debugger