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Comparing participant-generated list to correct list for accuracy

I am creating two memory recall tasks in which participants see 7 words sequentially and have to type each word during a recall routine. One task requires participants to type the words in the order in which they were presented (serial recall), and the other task does not require ordered recall (free recall). I need a way to assess participants’ accuracy on both tasks.
As of now, I have participants’ responses saved as a list in which I am planning on comparing to a ‘correct list’ that I define for each trial (which I don’t know how to do).
What code can I add to the recall routine that would give me a column in my output that tells me how many words the participant recalled correctly, both in order (for the serial recall task) and out of order (for the free recall task) for every trial?

If anyone has a better way to execute this that is different from my idea of creating and comparing two lists, please share as well.
Thank you!

I should note - I need to use this accuracy measurement to provide feedback for subjects after every trial to say “you recalled x out of 7 words correctly”.