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Commit "Working" From Psychopy End Not Showing Up On Gitlab

URL of the experiment:


Description of the problem: I have been trying to get my experiment working online (as with the rest of the world). It was able to push an initial commit last week. But it seems since I have gotten nowhere with it since. I have been “syncing” assuming that working but looking at my GitLab page only the initial commit sync’d.

Here I get a successful commit/sync message:

Pulling changes from remote…
Already up to date.
Pushing changes from remote…
Successful sync at: 21:49:01, took 5.553s122.1174 INFO Successful sync at: 21:49:01, took 5.553s

I am using the latest version of psychopy (2020v.1.2) on MacOS (10.15.3) Catalina

Anyone have any idea what may be going on?