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Colors are different when played in video using moviepy

OS: Win7
PsychoPy version 3.00.12
Standard Standalone? yes

I’m playing a movie in original size (16801050) and corresponding screen resolution of 16801050 using moveipy. The movie plays as it should in regard to speed and smoothness.

What isn’t working is that the colors of the movie in psychopy are the exactly the same as in the movie that was output from the editing program. It is a mp4 movie file and it plays in the correct hues on windows movie player or on vlc. Only in psychopy is that where we see the color difference. Please see attached images for comparison.

YellowBell%20on%20psychopy_screensnippet YellowBell%20on%20vlc_screensnippet

The more deep yellow is how the images should look like and the more neony yellow bell is how psychopy movie shows it. This happens while playing the same file in vlc and in psychopy.

Is there a place to control the movie’s colors?