Collect continuous ratings while video is playing


I am usually using Eprime to run my experiments but am having to run my final dissertation project online due to COVID-19. I am looking at coding my experiment in PsychoPy by am having some difficulties, due to being relatively new in Coding.

My goal is to play the participant 4 videos, and during those four videos, collect their ratings from the sliding scale every 250ms.

So, I know I can use the sliding scale, but in current form it is only able to collect one rating.

Does anyone have any insight into how I can get multiple ratings either coding with print(slider.markerPos) OR slidingscale.getRating()

Any help would be BEYOND appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


Hi Lindsay–Sorry to bother you. I’m now trying to do the same thing. Did you finally find a solution to this? Thank you so much!


Was there a problem with the solution I gave you elsewhere?

Hi thanks for checking! I now decide to use mouse only. I’m trying to modify that code you shared (that’s really helpful!) so that in the final data file I have the continuous ratings and the corresponding timestamps from the mouse (seems now the final data file does not contain this?) and the starting position of the slider is at its position of a previous trial. I’m now working on it and will see if I can make it work and share with you a demo I have later if you don’t mind!

I’ve updated my demo to save data so it might be worth having another look at it, and just removing the keyboard code. It saves the rating every 3 frames.

Thanks you so much I just re-downloaded it!

Hello, thanks for your answers. Is it possible that I get access to that code as well? thank you :slight_smile:

I think this probably refers to my Interactive Slider demo.

I’m looking for a way to make continuous measurements (e.g., every 50ms) with a slider too. Do you have a suggestion/demo for that?