Coding and data output on Pavlovia - skipping routines, selecting multiple options and data output


I have a question relating to both coding and data output on Pavlovia. I have a very simple sequence, shown below:


In ‘distract’ routine, participants are asked if they were distracted during a task they have recently completed. If they click on ‘yes_distract_box’, they proceed to ‘distract_2’ and then ‘distract_3’. These following two routines have multiple polygons where the participants can click on multiple options (which change in appearance), before clicking on a image of a tick to move on to the next routine. If they click ‘no_distract_box’ they skip straight to the ‘noise’ routine. I have implemented this (probably quite inelegantly), with the below pieces of code in ‘distract_2’:

with a mouse component that looks like this:

and with the below pieces of code in ‘distract_2’:

and a mouse component that looks like this:

This works perfectly fine when run both locally and online, through Pavlovia - BUT - the datasheets (output), don’t say which which response option/s the participants have selected in ‘distract_3’ (i.e., it will say that they clicked the tick button (‘tickimage_2’) to move on to the next screen, but will not report if they have selected ‘distract3_box1’ → ‘distract3_box6’).

I think it’s something to do with the mouse component (and how it interacts with the code), but every other way I’ve tried to configure it doesn’t work - Pavlovia will either play/skip the ‘distract_2’ and/or ‘distract_3’ routines when it shouldn’t, or won’t let me click multiple options.

Is there anyway I can reconfigure this so that the ‘skipping’ part of the code works, so participants can select multiple options in ‘distract_2’ and ‘distract_3,’ and so the datasheets show which response/s the participants have selected?

I’m a bit of a PsychoPy/Pavlovia newbie still so any guidance would be greatly appreciated! (and thank you to anyone who’s made it to the end of this HUGE post).

Thank you!