Clean up the Experiment directory in Pavlovia?

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Description of the problem:
When using the Pavlovia Dashboard we can hit the “Experiments” button to see a directory of all our Experiments. This display is VERY handy. However, it appears to me that a spring cleaning is long overdue.
PLEASE ADD DATE. I would find this display much more helpful with a date for each Experiment. It could be a creation or modification date, or both. That date would make it much easier to decide which repositories I can safely delete.
FIVE COLUMNS ARE USEFUL: Five columns are clear and helpful: Name, Namespace, Status, Saving format, Nb. Sessions.
DELETE FIVE USELESS COLUMNS? These five columns seem useless, can they be removed? Id, Visibility, Pavlovia score, Platform, Version
DROP “Nb.”. “Nb.” is a nonstandard abbreviation for “Number”. (NB means Nota Bene.) The standard abbreviation (No.) is unfortunate. I think it would be clearer to write just “Sessions” instead of “Nb. Sessions”.

I’m pasting a screen shot that illustrates my points.


p.s. In addition to date, it would also be nice to see size. Most directory displays report size and date. This one should too.