Choosing language at the beginning of the experiment

We are currently designing a task that will be administered in multiple languages, and instead of creating multiple versions of the task (multiple files), I wonder if anyone has an example where the user can choose their preferred language at the beginning of the task. One alternative is asking participants to enter the language at the initial popup window; however, I would like to be able to list all the possible languages (> 15 languages).

I would appreciate any suggestions.

I’ve done this for a cross-site replication study.

Although you can choose the language at the start, what has actually happened is that each site launches the study with a custom URL, e.g.

The text for the different languages is stored in a spreadsheet and the value for Country is translated into a variable which gets used to specify the rows to select when loading them.

Thank you so much! Can you do a dropdown menu on the local version of Psychopy? Or can it only be done in Pavlovia?

Local works too. You set it up using a list, e.g.