Cannot read property of 'setVolume' of undefined

I have task where participants are played three clicks. The start of each clicks is set using variable names like this:

The clicks last approx 16ms and are played consecutively(don’t overlap).
The task works on Psychopy but I get the following error on Pavlovia:

Any help on how to solve this problem would be appreciated! :slight_smile:

Hi There,

Looks like at error at line 5470 of your js code -please could we clarify what is being done on that line? :slight_smile:


It’s click2.setVolume(1); (see top right of screenshot). This is code generated from a sound component (the only custom code I use is to set the start). My suspicion is that there is either parameter that doesn’t agree with the JS code or maybe it’s that fact that there are multiple sound components in one routine? But I’m not sure how to fix either of those…

So after some piloting with an analogous visual task, I realized that when you disable click 2 and 3 (leaving only the first one), it works. For some reason, the online version is not letting you have more than one timed object per routine… This is a link to the Cannot use 'in' operator to search for 'status' in undefined at Scheduler._currentTask
Any suggestions on how to fix this would be really appreciated :slight_smile:
(The goal is to present three clicks(task 1) or flashes (task 2) with specific time intervals between click/flash 1 and 2, and click/flash 2 and 3 within one routine.)

Hi there,

Good detective work so far!
Please could you share the link to your task so that we can take a look at the code? I tried to replicate by using a routine that presents 3 tones and sets the onset of those tones using a variable input the only difference with the routine compared with yours (as far as I can see) is that yours takes a .wav input, so would be good to compare :slight_smile:


Hi Becca,
I don’t know what I did, but it somehow works now for the auditory version with clicks. I think it might have been due to the Preferences(changed it to PTB first). But I’m still having trouble with the 3 flashes. Here is the code and the Pavlovia experiment so that you can look at it.

I’m not sure to share the gitlab link so it doesn’t post a gitlab login box…

Hey @Becks, would it be possible to upload your .psyexp here maybe? That file should contain all of the information required for me to understand the problem. Thanks, s.

Good idea! Here it is (it works on psychopy but not on pavlovia)
This is the error I’m getting for the next part:

RatioProcessing.psyexp (218.9 KB)

OK great, let me take a look and I should be able to get back to you before too long, thanks, x

OK as it happens next to having a ‘flash1’ component in your ‘vis1_stim’ trial you also define a flash1 = 0.35 variable in Coder, could you rename one of them and try again? x

It worked! The visual and auditory timing task was programmed the same way so I change the code component variable for both and now it works. Thank you so much for your help!

No problem, happy coding! :sun_with_face: