Cannot open Psychopy 2023.1.2 on Ubuntu 22.04

Hi all,

I followed the instructions on the website Installation — PsychoPy v2023.2.3 and could install Psychopy in Linux (Ubuntu 22.04.2 LTS, 64 bits, GNOME 42.5). However, I cannot open Psychopy yet. I have the following versions:

python --version: Python 3.9.13
pip --version: pip 22.2.2 from /home/usuario/anaconda3/lib/python3.9/site-packages/pip (python 3.9)
psychopy --version: PsychoPy3, version 2023.1.2 (c)Jonathan Peirce 2018, GNU GPL license

When I run the command suggested in the website

conda activate psychopy

the environment seems to be activated, i.e., the terminal changes from (base) to (psychopy).

However, when I execute “psychopy” to open it, nothing happens.

I tried some solutions from other posts, but it seems that didn´t worked for me:

  • when I type “”, the outcome is that the order was not found
  • when I typye “psychopy --builder &”, the outcome seems to be a random number (e.g., 8578 or 8609)

Other posts suggest installation via a virtual environment for python 3.8. But I don’t want to re-install psychopy just yet, as the installation seems to have worked fine, but I don’t know how to open the builder :/.

I would really appreciate any help. Thanks in advance!


Hi ferluna90,
I have encountered the same problem as you and even attempted to solve it in a similar manner. If you happen to find a solution, would you mind sharing it with me? It would be greatly appreciated!

Here are my installation steps:

  1. conda env create -n psychopy -f psychopy-env.yml
  2. conda activate psychopy # the terminal changes from (base) to (psychopy)
  3. psychopy # nothing happens
  4. # the order was not found
  5. psychopy --builder & # 6487

" psychopy-env.yml " :
name: psychopy

  • conda-forge
  • python=3.9
  • psychopy
  • pip
  • pip:
    • psychtoolbox
    • pygame
    • pyo
    • pyparallel; platform_system != “Windows”
    • SoundFile; platform_system == “Windows”
    • websocket_client

Hi Thea,

I don’t know how to run Psychopy 2023.1.2 on Ubuntu 22.04. After reading many posts and not finding a solution, I decided to follow the instructions at this post: How to install PsychoPy 2022.2.4 on Ubuntu 22.04 using virtualenv

It worked fine in my computer, so now I can work with Psychopy 2022.1.4.

In case I find a solution, I’ll let you know.



Hi ferluna,
Thank you so much! I was pleasantly surprised by your prompt reply. Following the installation steps on the blog you shared with me, I was finally able to successfully install Psychopy 2022.1.4. Your sharing is greatly appreciated and I will definitely keep you updated if I discover a way to install the latest version.

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